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More Details About Information Management

Sklansky’s theorem and Malmuth’s quotation are, I believe, the most important statements ever written about poker. The rest of this book will discuss the ways that winners:

· Get the best of it by acquiring more information, processing it well, and transmitting only the information they want opponents to have.

· Make the most of it by acting decisively.

The goal of parts 2–5 is to help you create a favorable information balance by getting more and transmitting less information

Part 2, “Winners Control Their Focus,” states that winners focus on whatever helps them to win, and they ignore or minimize everything else. They are so single-minded that poker becomes their entire world, at least when they are playing. If something helps them, they will use it. If it does not affect them, they will ignore it. If it harms them, they will avoid it. Losers do not focus nearly as well. Their attention drifts from subject to subject, and they waste time and energy on irrelevancies.

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